Best air pump for aquarium: Uniclife Aquarium Dual Outlet vs Hygger Quiet Mini Air Pump

Best air pump for aquarium: Uniclife Aquarium Dual Outlet vs Hygger Quiet Mini Air Pump

The best aquarium air pumps are essential tools for adding oxygen to your aquarium. In addition to work as a source of oxygen delivery, the best air pump for aquarium also needs to be reliable, easy to use, and most important quite.

In this post, we show up here the top 2 picks of the air pump in order to narrow your choice and make sure that you will get the perfect air pump for your aquarium: Uniclife Aquarium Air Pump vs Hygger Quiet Mini Air Pump.

As a quick disclose, we recommend that you should use Uniclife Aquarium Air Pump since it operates very well on a quite wide range of tank sizes. Maybe someday you will want to upgrade your tank to larger and adding more fish, then Hygger Mini Air Pump seems to be too small.

#1 The pump power

There are some pumps that are strong enough to work with large quantities of water while others cannot. You will have to ensure the pump you plan to buy can handle your tank water.

With 1,5 watts, Hygger quite mini air pump is very energy-saving equipment. The flow rate is 2410ml per minute make it the great air pump that is designed for small aquariums from 1 to 15 gallons and hydroponic systems.

Uniclife air pump comes with 2 outlets that allow you to adjust the flow rate.   Due to this, it can fit fish tanks that range in size from 20 to 100 gallons. Its power is 4 Watt.

#2 Size

Mounting the air pump will partly affect your tank visual. Some of them are very small and can be hidden away, while others are larger and require much more space. Before buying, consider how much space you have for it.

Hygger mini air pump measure 2.4 x 2.4 x 0.8 inches, it is super compact. It is also lightweight and can easily be hidden at the back of the tank.

When you look at the Uniclife air pump, you can see that it is compact and looks almost like a battery or adapter. Since it measures 5.1 x 2.8 x 2.5, it is much more compact compare with the power that it has. Due to this size, it is not obtrusive in your tank and not takes much space. However, the drawback is that the hose included is bulky and it cannot be hidden.

#3 Noise

It is important to consider how quiet the pump is before decided to go with it. Especially if you place the fish tank in the main living area within your home, you will want a quiet product that does not produce lots of noise and bothers your family.

Hygger Quite Mini Air Pump operated by a thin piezoelectric ceramic plate. That means no motor or other mechanism that reduces noise. It is very quiet for the fish tank to be placed at the bedroom, living room and office.

Uniclife air pump is ultra whisper quite. With the lowest flow rate setting, it is a product only 25dB. This sound is as loud as a ticking watch or rustling leaves.