Best chinchilla foods: Important note when choosing chinchillas foods

Best chinchilla foods: Important note when choosing chinchillas foods

If you are reaching for chinchilla food, you will realize that there are many different products available. While some best chinchilla foods are designed to provide your pet chinchillas with all the essential nutrients that they require. But it is not enough.

If you are really care about the overall health of your chinchillas, this post are about some important factors that you should pay attention when choosing chinchillas food and feeding them.

#1 What food that chinchilla should never eat?

Do not overlook the ingredients should never be included on your chinchillas food. Some foods that contain high sugar level and high moisture level can be damaging to your chinchilla’s health.

The excess sugar can lead to the rick of being illness for chinchillas. Diabetes, hyperglycemia, and hypoglycemia are all risks when feeding a sugary diet. Chinchillas come from a dry climate; they only need to eat a very dry diet. Excess moisture in their food from lots of fruit and vegetables can lead to bloating.

Beside, fats also should be avoided. Nut and seeds are high in fat, so you should control the amount of them while feeding your pets. A diet high in fat can make your chinchillas become prone to ailments like fatty liver disease and obese.

Furthermore, some food that never feed you chinchillas are sunflower seeds, leafy greens, broccoli, avocado, banana, peas, etc.

#2 what you should do if you ran out of chinchilla food?

The ideal pallets formulate specifically for chinchillas that is 16-20 % protein, low in fat (2-5 %), and high in fiber (15-35 %). In the case if chinchilla food is ran out, you can substitute a good pellet food for rabbit or guinea pig with similar characteristics and nutrient as above.

But it is should be use only in emergency situation, when you cannot get the quality chinchilla food immediately. This is because chinchillas have a different digestion system that is much more sensitive than other rodents.

#3 How much treats should chinchilla be fed?

Chinchillas should be provided just some good treats. They can eat at maximum a teaspoon of treats a day. Your chinchilla may fall in love with dried fruit. The dry fruit is shrinks down, but the sugar content is still there. Thus they should be provides in very small quantities and occasionally.

Some other treats that great for chinchillas are hibiscus, dried rose hips, and dandelion leaves. Beside, twigs and branches also tasty treat for your pet. But you have to make sure that they are safe trees for chinchilla and free of pesticides and other toxins.