Why you should use canister filter for a 50-55 Gallon aquarium?

The 50-55 gallon tank is the popular size of aquarium in the fish collecting community. If you want to transition to bigger tanks and consider the 50-55 gallon tank, maintenance is absolutely the first factor that you should learn about.

As a longtime enthusiast myself, I would recommend you to use canister filter as the best filter for 50-55 gallon aquarium. Canister filter is ideal to aid in filtration of water in 50-55 gallons aquariums, keeping the environment conducive for the survival of your fish. It is also reduce your effort you would incur to keep a large tank in the best working condition.

#1 Canister filter contain more filter media

50-55 gallons tank is not a small tank like what you used to keep before, that means the filter have to large enough to keep as much filter media as possible. And a canister filter should hold more filter media than other types with smaller capacities.

The more filter media, the effective filtration is. The amount of filter media available in the canister will determine the volume of water filtered at a current time. It makes a canister filter powerful enough to handle large volumes of water for any aquarium with a capacity ranging from 50 to 55 gallons. As the result, it increases the quality of the water and keep your fish healthy, active and comfortable.

Not only that, more filter media also means there are more space for the growth of beneficial bacteria in the tank. These bacteria play an important role as they remove harmful substances, especially such as ammonia, nitrites and nitrates, during the process of filtration.

#2 Canister filters run for longer

When it comes to aquarium filtration, you also should pay attention on the time to filter. The longer it takes to filter all the water, the better the quality of water for your tank. Canister filters are designed to run for much longer than others. That mean you do not have to spent much effort to maintain your tank frequently. As a result, you may eventually recover and save your money within the shortest time.

#3 Don’t take up much of space

Although canister filter for 50-55 gallons tank is place inside the tank and provide more powerful, you can also easily fine the compact size that suitable your tank. You can also hide it away by install it at a strategic corner within your aquarium environment and cover with some aquarium decoration.

So, the canister filter will not take up much of space. You do not need to worry that it takes up lots of internal swimming space of your fish. It also crate the hidden area for your fish.