What should be place in iguana cage?

What should be place in iguana cage?

An iguana can be a great pet and him deserve an ideal home that meet its needs.  Setting up a cage for your iguana is one of the most important things that you need to do before bringing it to your home.

Apart from the best iguana cage, lighting and humidity, you also should enrich their habitat with some essential things. This is because your iguanas will spend most of its time inside the cage. They love to sleep, bask, climb and explore, and some accessories will support these behaviours, keep your pet healthy and happy.

#1 Substrate

Whether you use a custom enclosure or a commercial cage, you need to place some substrate. A cheapest and easiest substrate or bedding to find can be paper towels or newspaper. Eco-friendly carpets also a great substrate as it is safe, can be remove for easy cleaning and can be reused multiple time. Eco-earth products will create a natural look for your cage.

#2 Food & Water Bowls

You cannot complete your cage without food and water bowls. Make sure to provide dishes for your iguana to get its water and food from. The bowls you choose should be heavy or able to be secured to something to prevent your pet make it spilling. Besides, remember to place the bowls a high location where an iguana will feel comfortable and safe to eat.

This is the good ideal to have two water bowls. One near the food and one should be placed in a lower location. You also should keep an eye on these bowls as your iguanas may pooping in their water.

#3 Hiding place

Your iguanas should be provided a hiding place, where they can rest their mind, enjoy their privacy when they feel stress of if they get disturbed of loud noise. Consider building a hiding place for your pets,

#4 Decor

In the natural, iguanas are up in the trees. And you’ll probably notice them also prefers to hang out on the highest branch in the cage. Because they’re natural tree-climbers and dwellers, iguanas must have plenty of tall branches and platforms to climb and bask on. So, you should provide them with shelves or ledges at different heights for resting and basking. Ramps and other ways to climb are also great ideals.