Best nail clippers for rabbits: Grinder vs Clipper

Best nail clippers for rabbits: Grinder vs Clipper

For many rabbit owners, trimming the pet nails is not an easy task.  Finding the best nail clippers for rabbits that make you and your pets feel comfortable while trimming will reduce the stressful of this work.

But when choosing the best trimming tool, you may get struggle in deciding how you want to trim your rabbit’s nails. What would be the best? A nail grinder or a clipper? This post will show you the advantages and disadvantages of each type to help you get the best one.

#1 Clipper

There are two types of clipper are guillotine clipper and scissor-type clippers. Guillotine has single blade and a hole. Placing the nail through a hold and then squeeze the handle. This type of clipper is the quick way to cut rabbit nails but it can be use for only small rabbit with small and thin nails.

Scissor clipper has the same design with the scissors but include the semi circular indentations at the top of the blade, where you need to place your rabbit’s nail for cutting. This is the most effective and simple way to cut the nails that can work for strong, thick nails for larger rabbits.

#2 Grinders

Unlike two types up there, this grooming tool is electricity-powered and wears down a rabbit’s nails through the use of motor. This is the convenient way if you are experienced bunny owner. It will help your rabbit move more easily on the best litter.

#3 Clipper vs Grinder

In compared to grinder, the nail clippers are much quiet, it do not cause any noise from motor, which can sometimes frighten rabbits. Clipper also very quick, it takes just a second to cut a nail.

Rabbit clipper is also much cheaper than grinder one. It save energy, do not require batteries or electricity to operate.

However the drawback of clipper is that it is very easy to overcut or create the short cut that injury the quick of nails and cause bleeding.  One more disadvantage of clipper is that once you squeeze the handle, it can cause pinch and make your pets feel uncomfortable.

On the other hands, the first pro of grinder is that it is safer than clipper since you will slowly wear down the nails. The grinder also allows you to be able to create rounded smooth nails. Grinder can be use for all age of rabbits. It even can work well with large, thick nails.

However, the drawback of grinder is it makes noise and can scare your rabbits. Using grinder to trim rabbit nails also create lots of dust. You should do it outside.