How large should a tarantula enclosure be?

How large should a tarantula enclosure be?

A solid, durable, comfort enclosure is a perfect investment for your tarantula. It is important to ensure that the enclosure will last for years and make your tarantula feel comfortable inside, especially considering the longevity of these critters.

The best tarantula enclosure must be sufficient to meet their needs. One of the most important factors to consider when making your purchase is the size an enclosure. The size an enclosure needs to be for a tarantula primarily depends on the species of tarantula you own.

#1 Ideal dimension for a tarantula enclosure

As mention above, the enclosure size depends on the species, whether you have an arboreal or burrowing or terrestrial species. A good rule of thumb for terrestrial species is that the ground space of the enclosure should be 3-4 times the size of the tarantula’s leg span. That means, the good enclosure size for a single tarantula can be able to keep about 3-4 tarantulas at a time without them overlapping.

You may feel that it is quite small, but in fact, this dimension is slightly larger than the enclosures that recommended by breeders.

However, if you are looking for an enclosure to house Arboreal tarantulas, height is going to be required as they enjoy climbing and spend most of their time in the trees. Make sure the height of the enclosure is more than its length.

Be sure to know the habits of the species you are owing before you choose the size and design an enclosure.

#2 Not go too big

It is obvious that all animals should be given as much space as is reasonable for the species. However, there is a note for tarantula owners is that tarantulas do not need large enclosures. Bigger is not always better.

This is because tarantulas depend mostly on their tactile senses to explore their environment surrounding. If you place them in the enclosure that too large, it would actually cause stress to them. Besides, larger enclosure means your tarantulas will be harder while looking for their food.

There is the exception case that you provide a large cage for them but place inside densely landscaped and shelter place for the tarantula to explore. Remember that tarantula will be happy if it can feel its environment around.