Can leopard geckos eat strawberries?

Can leopard geckos eat strawberries?

If you are want to add some fruits to enrich your leopard geckos diet besides their commercial powder, you may wonder Can leopard geckos eat strawberries or not?

Your leopard gecko can definitely eat strawberries. In fact, your geckos really love to eat that fruit. You can offer strawberries for them on their own or create the mixture contain strawberries with the other suitable fruits.

In this article, we are going to learn about strawberries’ nutritional value and their calcium to phosphorus ration, which made strawberries a favorite fruit of your leopard geckos.

Strawberries do not have bad calcium to phosphorus ratio

If you do not know yet, the ideal ratio between calcium and phosphorus when it comes to food that is recommended for leopard geckos is 2:1. And this ratio in strawberries is nearly equal (1:1).

This ratio is not very bad and it is absolutely fine for leopard geckos can eat strawberries.

Strawberries are not citric fruit

There is a misconception about strawberries is that they are citric. Although they may have an acidic taste, they have a little bit sour but this is not meant that they are citric fruit. They are perfectly fine for your leopard geckos.

On the other hand, Leopard geckos should be avoided far from citric fruits like limes, lemon and oranges. They lead to the upset of leopard gecko’s stomach.

How to offer strawberries for created geckos?

The best way for your crested geckos to eat strawberries is to puree them well or cut them into small pieces before feeding your leopard geckos. In their natural environment, your geckos eat fruits in this way. Leopard geckos also prefer to eat overripe or perhaps even slightly spoiled fruits. It is definitely fine and does not cause any problem for leopard gecko’s digestive systems.

You can also mix strawberries with the other fruits. For example, you can blend strawberries with mangoes, figs, papayas, apples,… and some other suitable fruits and then serve them this mixture.