How To Set Up A Fish Tank Starter Kit?

When thinking about getting your first aquarium, you may feel excited and expected about your beauty natural aquarium with lively colored fishes swim around. But when it comes to setting up a new aquarium, it is not an easy job like it seems to be.

Fish tank starter kit is designed to friendly with the beginners who have never had any experience with setting up an aquarium. Making the work to create a new aquarium easier for everyone.

What is the fish tank starter kit?

Instead of buying individual equipment and install them yourself, choosing the best aquarium starter kits will be the best way for a starter to get a new aquarium. A fish tank kit will take less cost than buying individual equipment.

Fish tank kits available out there come in many different brands, sizes and types. But generally, they all include a lighting system and a filter.  Some kits also have the other equipment included such as heater, thermometer, fish food, substrate & decoration, etc.

How to set up a fish tank kit?

If your fish tank starter kit does not come with instruction or you cannot understand it, these following are some basic steps for install the fish tank kits.

Step 1:

After unpacking all the equipment in this kit, you have to wash these things once. The gravel, all the tank wall, decorations, etc need to be washed with fresh water.

Notice that it does not wash them with soap or any chemical cleaner. The chemical cleaner can leave the residue that might harm your fish.

Step 2:

Install them. You have to determine where you plan to put the tank first. Because once you fill the tank with water, it can be very heavy and hard to move.

Putting the gravel at the bottom of the tank. Fill the tank with water. Using a water conditioner to remove chlorinate out of water.

Step 3:

Installing the best fish tank filters and lighting system, and the next is heater and thermometer on the opposite sides of the tank. Plugging all these equipment in the power source and then checking if they work great or not.

Step 4:

Leave the tank run for at least 24 hours and testing the water quality before adding the fish to their new home.