How To Build A Bearded Dragon Cage Out Of Wood?

How To Build A Bearded Dragon Cage Out Of Wood?

Bearded dragons cage not only the place to keep your pet but also the safe home that they spend most of their time in it and allow them to do all the natural behaviors.

If you are a DIY fan and thinking about DIY the cage for your bearded dragons, so the wooden terrarium will be the best ideal for you. So how to build a bearded dragon cage out of wood, this post is a basic guide that might suit your needs.

Planning your bearded dragons cage

Your bearded dragons should be kept the horizontal cage. All the cage sides are made using plywood with the glass install on tracks.

Your bearded dragons require enough space to move and hide in the cage.  It also has room for install lighting, heater, substrate, etc. Bearded dragons are small reptile but they move around a lot, so they will need 8-32 square feet of space.

Once you have decided on the size and shape of the cage, you should create a sketch of your cage to avoid any mistake and plan what you need to buy. With the wooden cage, you do not need a lot of tools. You will need a bag of screws, a drill and silicone adhesive.

Row material you will need

With the enclosure about 4’ wide, 2’ deep, 2’ tall, you will have an ideal size cage for an adult bearded dragon. The raw materials you will need for this DIY cage out of wood are:

2 sheets of wood with the same size use for the top and bottom of the cage that is 1200mm x 610mm x 10mm.

1 sheet used for the back that is 1200mm x 630mm x 10mm.

2 sheets with the same size use for the sides that are 610mm x 610mm.

2 glass sheets used for the doors of the age that are 610mm x 605mm x 5mm.

2 Glass runners are 1000mm long and about 10mm high.

To ensure the success of the cage, you can buy the pre-cut sheet of wood; you will have very little things left to do. You can buy these wood pre-cut in any DIY shop.

Construct the cage

Attach all the walls of the cage using a screw. This step is quite easy for everyone. Then the next step is to add the runners by using silicone adhesive. You should leave these runners for 12 hours before installing the door.

Install the door by place it into the top runner and fall into the bottom of the runner. Add the second sheet of the cage and you will finish your DIY wooden bearded dragons cage.