Safety Tips For Using Reptile Heater In Vivarium

Safety Tips For Using Reptile Heater In Vivarium

We all know that heat is particularly important for reptiles. Heat is essential for reptiles to maintain their internal doing, and to digest their food.

They also need heat to be able to reproduce, improve the circulation of blood and increase a healthy immune system.

There are some different types of reptile heater out there such as heat pads, heat lamps, heat tape, heat cables, heat rock, etc. But whatever types of heater you are using, there are also some safety tips that you should keep in mind.

#1 Create the thermal gradient

In the natural, reptiles move around their environment to the warmer and cooler area to find the temperature that they need at this time.

In the enclosure, you also should give them a chance to adjust their own body temperature like that. Allow them to seek heat when they need and taking the heat off as well.

Setting up the tank so the temperature will gradually decrease from one side to the other side, is called a thermal gradient. You can create this environment by placing the heater on only one side of the tank.

#2 Thermometer

You may need more than a heater in your enclosure. In order to ensure the temperature is proper and curacy, you should monitor the actual temperature by using the thermometer. And not all the best reptile heat mat comes with a thermometer so you need to invest in a separate one.

There are varieties of thermometer for reptiles available such as a stick-on thermometer that attach to the outside of the tank. Digital thermometers with a probe placed inside the tank and connected with an LCD display outside.

And temperature guns which will allow you to measure the temperature at any specific place.

#3 Thermostat

If you really concern about the exact temperature insider your vivarium, you can add the best reptile thermostat to your reptile heater systems. Too hot or too cold can also be very dangerous to your reptiles.

A thermostat is especially promoting its effects if your heat source is producing too much amount of heat. This device will allow you to control the intensity of your heat source.

It is not a good signal if your reptiles basking under the heater all day. Because of the temperature that they like not the best temperature for their health.