How Often Should You Change Substrate For Leopard Gecko?

How Often Should You Change Substrate For Leopard Gecko?

Did you know that the best way to keep your reptiles happy, healthy and go with you for so long is frequently clean their cage? If you are keeping a leopard gecko, it is the good news that they do not require the daily cage maintenance like some other reptiles.

You should create the cleaning schedule and spend your time cleaning out the leopard gecko cage. The most difficult part of this work is the cleaning of substrate for leopard gecko.

The frequency of cleaning and replacing substrate will depend on the material of the substrate that you are using. In this post, we will discuss how to clean a leopard gecko substrate and cage.

How often do you need to clean the substrate?

In order to prevent the growth of bacterial, mold or any viral infections, it is better to do the cage maintenance daily if you have time.

Cleaning dirty spot where your geckos go for the toilet every day and remove any waste of food and poop that you can see.  The frequency of changing or cleaning substrate will depend on the material of substrate:

Paper towels

You need to replace paper towels for once or twice times per week, replacing the wet or dirty spots as it is get soiled. Should only placing about 1 or 2 layers of paper towels. Do not put too much or if the paper towels get pretty wet, it will become paper pulp

Paper towels are the best leopard gecko substrate for those who have a limited budget.


Similar to paper towels, newspapers also should be replaced once or twice per week. It is recommended to put 5-6 layers of newspapers in the cage for the substrate sturdy and good at absorbent.

Reptile Carpet

Beside daily remove wastes and poop, reptile carpet should be clean for 2-3 times per month. You also should replace it after 3-4 times washes or when the carpet fibers is loose. Washing the carpet with antibacterial soap and then hang it until it is dry.

Reptile carpet is thebedding for leopard geckos since it does not harm your pet.

Ceramic Tiles

Tiles floor needs to be cleaned once per month and removed the waste every day. Tiles should be washed with hot soapy water and steam cleaner.

Loose Substrate

If you are using a loose substrate, it is extremely easy to clean. Using a scoop to find and remove any poop or excess food and feeder. It is just a little amount of loose need to be replaced in each time of cleaning. However, you should replace the entire loose substrate for every 3-4 months.