Frequently asked questions about best rat bedding

Frequently asked questions about best rat bedding

Bedding for your rats is a very important factor in their life. A good quality bedding will go a long way to ensure that your rats stay happy and healthy in their enclosure habitat. Aside from best rat bedding, you also have to know how to proper use it.

It is not an easy task or new owners but this post can help you by clean some common questions what that wonder in mind of every rat owner.

#1 What to do if my rat eats the bedding?

Rats normally like to nibble, chew every thing around them sine they are rodents and it sis an innate hobby that you cannot get rid of. The best solution for this case is preventing any harmful effects of eating bedding.

It is best to keep a safe chew material in their cage, provide them with only organic and high quality bedding. If there are any problem from digestion, visit a vet urgently.

#2 What are the alternatives to rat bedding?

In the case if you are sudden run out of bedding, there are many material around you can use as rat bedding. You can choose to make use of old clothing, cardboard, newspaper, toilet tissue, etc to place inside the rat cage.

But whatever you are choosing, ensure that they are nontoxic, do not contain fragranced. Avoid magazines or anything glossy and only use the soy-based ink newspaper.

#3 How to change and maintain rat’s bedding?

To keep the optimal hygiene and cleaning cage, it is better to change the bedding at least 5 days and clean the platform bottom of the cage as well. It will more frequently if you use paper towel as bedding. However, the bedding should be replace immediately if there is the bed smell in the cage.

Use the mixture of vinegar and warm water to rinse the fabric material bedding. Remember to avoid the baking soda.  Vinegar works as a deodorizer and will prevent the growth of mild bacteria, without harming your pets.

You can wash the bedding with washing machine by put it in an old pillowcase. You also can make it dry by throw it in the dryer.