Storing Your Garden Hose Safely And Conveniently With A Hose Reel

Storing Your Garden Hose Safely And Conveniently With A Hose Reel

Garden hose is a must-have item for gardeners and people who are a big fan of doing the garden. Keeping your garden hose neat brings convenience for users. Do you know some tips to store it in your garden? 

Some troubles I had when I did not use a hose reel

I had a small garden next to my house and I planted some kinds of flowers and herbs. I watered my plants in the early morning every day. When I cared for my gardens, I used a hose that helped me to bring an even amount of water to the plants. It is easy for me to provide water for my garden by a hose. However, I had trouble to preserve a hose when not in use.

After using it, I put it in the corner of the garden without rolling it. Because the garden hose is long with 30 meters, it looks very messy and occupies a lot of acreage in my garden. Besides, my garden hose quickly appeared cracks and leaked water out. I didn’t know the way to solve this problem until my friend recommended using a hose reel. During a long time used it, I found the hose reel is a great device to store a garden hose.


The unrolled hose makes a mess


A general review about hose reels

A hose reel is a cylindrical device made of plastic, metal, or fiberglass to store a hose. Moreover, it is capable of moving and attaching to a card and a truck. 

There are three common types of hose reels such as hand crank, self-retractable, or motor-driven. 

Hand-crank hose reel has a compact design that does not take up much space in your garden. It includes push shelves made of plastic or metal to help you move easily. The crank can be extended or retracted according to the user’s wishes. When using the crank, you should use a moderate force to avoid affecting the coupling inside the push shelf.

In terms of self-retractable hose reels, they often use spring or water pressure to roll the hose. With a self-retractable hose reel, you do not need to use the force of your hand to roll it. It takes me less amount of time to use and store instead of using a hand-crank hose reel. Also, it is easy for you to pack up after using the hose reel. Actually, a self-retractable hose reel is a great idea for people who want to choose an auto rewind device with a long hose. 

One of the popular hose reels is motor-driven hose reel. This type of hose reel can be named as an automatic retraction hose reel. Unlike with a self-retractable hose reel, a motor-driven hose reel use electrical power to operate. 

Which reasons should you use a hose reel?

Hose reels make your gardening more convenient with many advantages. You will have a lot of free time after taking care of your garden with this extremely effective product. Let’s keep in mind the benefits it brings to choose the best hose reel.

         3.1. Helping a hose be stored neatly

You have a garden and often use hoses or water pipes to water plants, wash the yard, and wash cars. However, long and cumbersome wires make you quite hard every time water the plants or wash the yard because of having to carry and roll the hose after use. When you finish using a garden hose, a hose reel is a convenient device to keep the hose safe. The hose will not make a mess in your garden with a hose reel. You can easily pack up your hose and bring it to your warehouse.

        3.2. Keeping people safe in your garden

An unrolled garden hose is a threat to all of the people’s safety. If your children play in the garden, they can stumble easily when the hose is not rolled. Moreover, it may causes hurts on your children’s bodies. Therefore, choosing a hose reel is a safe choice for all of the gardeners.  

       3.3. Increasing the hose life

During a long time, an outdoor hose will quickly have cracks causing water leakage. Because the garden hose is used to water the garden, wash the yard and wash the car frequently, it is easy to twist and crack when moving a lot. Using a hose reel reduces damage and leaks in the hose so it is an effective way to store your hose.  

        3.4. Saving your time and effort when rolling the hose

If you do not have a hose reel, you need to much time and effort for rolling the hose. With a long hose, gardeners have difficulty to roll and store it. To keep it neat, they will have a hard time using your effort to scroll without any devices.   

Some tips when storing a hose reel

 It is necessary for me to keep your hose reel in a dry place or in a warehouse to avoid unwanted agents such as rocks, sunlight, and water that reduce the hose life. Besides, adding oil to the roller wheel is an effective method for its smooth operation. You should use a hose reel gently to store it well.

Last but not least, considering hose reels is very essential for you to choose the most suitable hose reel. The sooner you use it, the more advantages you will have.